Donny Lowy

One of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial individuals to emerge on the business scene is Donny Lowy. At the young age of 23 he has become one of the hottest authors on the Internet. His books rank as some of the fastest and best selling books distributed on the Internet.

But before we go on, here is some general background on this young entrepreneur. Donny is a recent graduate of the business school of Yeshiva University. He graduated with a BA in finance and has gone on to establish a successful business named Legacy Publishing.

Legacy Publishing consists of a Book Publishing, Newspaper, Internet, and a Mail Order division. His books are sold by some of the most popular Internet sites including,,  and

Donny Lowy has been interviewed by the Staten Island Advance, Dimgroup, and Trade Idea.

He is becoming one of the most sought after experts on starting and running businesses with little or no money.

Donny Lowy has been involved in the closeout, liquidation, mail order, and auction business both as a buyer and a seller for over 5 years. In addition he invests full time in micro cap companies with market caps of under $5,000,000.

"I believe that any person with the right determination and time can develop a profitable business. Since the biggest hurdle to succeeding in business is information I have made it my goal to teach people how to make money through the same methods that I currently use." Donny remarked in this interview.

Moving on further the author set out a challenge in which he guarantees that anyone following his advice and formulas can attain a high level of success.

Well, as of now it does look like Donny Lowy is destined to join the ranks of the business establishment.

I asked Donny Lowy to give me the best reason why I should buy his books. He replied with the confidence of a true leader. "Because I will personally guide you to succeed by providing you with my personal contact information in my publications."

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